La festa della mamma by Chiara Losh e il suo Gabriel @loshgram

Mother's Day by Chiara Losh and her Gabriel @loshgram

Imaginative, multifaceted, energetic. It is the mother who makes her little ones happy!

by Chiara Losh + Gabriel Wolf @loshgram

I've lost count of how many days we've spent within these walls, how many games we've invented, how many recipes we've prepared and how many goals we've achieved in this delicate period.
But a mother is also this, the entertainer par excellence, the improvised singer, the dancer of all acronyms, the bigoted teacher, the chef of the starred restaurant, the spokesperson for desires, the conductor of an orchestra made of pots and glasses .

The mother does everything for her child's well-being: she looks for the best products for him, the best ingredients and the best fairy tales.
Sometimes the imagination fails even for a "do it all mom" but just look carefully around you to find that pinch of salt that will flavor the day.

My Gabriel also, with his Walkey sandals on his feet, he is bringing all the spring that is outside even into the house and I cannot be outdone. It takes energy first of all!

And this is how I will spend Mother's Day, like any other day with my son but with an extra smile given by the awareness that every mother is super because she always does her best, even when tiredness takes over, even when the imagination runs out and patience runs away.